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Doctor Who: Master Fic List

Because it really is easier to find when you have everything in one place...


Mad, Bad... -- Written for the first round of doctor_rose_las, and set at various points during Series One and Series Two, it's a look at Rose and the Doctor's relationship through the eyes of her mate, Shareen.

Outside Looking In -- Reunion fic, written in December 2007 when the rumors broke.  The event through the eyes of one of the Doctor's other companions.

Celestial Navigation -- Rose, the Doctor and what happens when one can't find where one parked. Written for Challenge 2.01 of writerinatardis.

Paint -- The Doctor and Rose are honored according to local custom. Written for Challenge 2.04 of writerinatardis.

Excavation -- Stuck in yet another cell on yet another alien planet, Rose goes hunting through the Doctor's pockets.  Written for Challenge 2.05 of writerinatardis.

Zen and the Art of Time Lord Maintenance -- The Doctor and Rose find themselves stranded on a planet -- and with one another -- while the Doctor tries to fix the TARDIS. Written for Challenge 2.08 of writerinatardis. My only Nine/Rose fic.

Natural Habitat -- Some days, he is able to simply show her the wonders of the universe.  Written for Challenge 2.09 of writerinatardis , and winner of that round.  Part of the "Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth" series.

Whispers -- Sometimes memories are close enough to touch. Written for Challenge 2.10 of writerinatardis.

Beginnings -- The Doctor reflects on his companions. A drabble for Day One of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Trim -- The Doctor and Jackie have a small conversation while Jackie plies her trade. Written for Day Three of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

The Way You Look Tonight -- The Doctor takes Rose out for dinner and dancing.  Written for Day Nine of my 2009 Advent Calendar

On the Second Day of Christmas -- The Doctor and Rose receive gifts of thanks according to local custom. Written for Day Thirteen of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Ten on His Own

I'll Be Home For Christmas -- Set between Series 3 and Series 4, Christmas Eve finds two unlikely customers in a bar on Christmas Eve.

Bells -- Ask not for whom the bells toll... (Slight spoilers for Waters of Mars). Written for Day Eight of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Ten and Martha

Poker Face -- The Doctor is a hard person to read.  Written for Day Five of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Ten and Donna

Lunch on the Run -- The Doctor and Donna do lunch -- or try to.  Written for Day Four of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Just in Time for Tea -- The Doctor introduces Donna to an old friend.  Written for Day Eleven of my 2009 Advent Calendar.


Jokingly referred to in our house as "Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth and her faithful companion, the Doctor (Oi!)", these stories are set post-"Journey's End" and follow Rose and the other Doctor as they try to find their way in that world.

What's in a Name? – Shortly after they return to Pete's World, Rose finds herself weighing in on what the Doctor should be called.  Written for Challenge 2.02 of writerinatardis.

State of Change -- Usually, it's the Doctor who holds out his hand.  Written for Day Seven of my 2009 Advent Calendar

Snow -- Written for the 2009 Advent Calendar on time_and_chips. During his first Christmas on Pete's World, the Doctor and Rose begin to find their way through the bumps and rough edges of their relationship.

Leisure Time --  The Doctor and Rose don't seem to be able to have a quiet weekend. Written for Challenge 2.06 of writerinatardis.

Field Work -- A Torchwood assignment isn't the Doctor's idea of a romantic weekend.  Written for Day Twelve of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Small Gifts -- It's the little things that count the most.  Written for Day Two of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Street Corner at 2 PM -- He can still take her breath away.  A companion piece to "Small Gifts." Written for Day Ten of my 2009 Advent Calendar.

Unexpected -- Set four years on from the events in "Journey's End." While working a case in London, something unexpectedly goes wrong for the Doctor and Rose.

Sex Drive (The Shifting Gears Remix) – written for chips_remixed, based on fid_gin's "Sex Drive". The Doctor knows Rose watches him as he drives. (This is not part of the Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth series.)


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