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about me

Spikewriter hails from Los Angeles, the land of film noir and demon karaoke bars. She can't remember a time when she wasn't writing something or the other and finished her first "novel" at the age of eight (five pages, which her mother still has). Fanfic first beckoned when NBC viciously cancelled Star Trek and she's written for a number of popular fandoms and a few "what the hell were you thinking?" ones. Between trying to finish her various Buffy series and resisting the urge to start new ones for Doctor Who, Spikewriter also writes original fiction and has garnered enough rejection letters to make the IRS believe she's a real writer. She'd like to be CJ Cregg when she grows up, but only if Aaron Sorkin writes the lines.

I'm currently moving all of my fic to my fic journal, missivesandmore. All future fic will be posted there and entries here made private once everything's available.
Rules of the Road
1. Most of my posts are friends-locked for personal reasons.
2. I don't automatically friend back -- it's not that I don't like you, but I have enough trouble keeping up with LJ already.
3. I'm highly flattered if you like a review I post and your are more than welcome to quote or link any public post in your own journal. However, permission to reprint any of my work in any publication without first obtaining my consent is categorically denied.
4. If you should choose to ignore this and reprint my work in anything for which you charge money, I reserve the right send lawyers and/or rabid weasels and/or both after you.
5. All opinions are most definitely those of the management.